YouthABLE Leaders Video Project “Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities” Winning Sustain

Updated: May 10, 2020

YouthABLE leaders have successfully won the second place of the 2019 Student Digital Innovat

ion Competition (LIDM). The Ministry of Education and Culture organized the competition with Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) as the host of the competition. LIDM 2019 was held in 3 days, 14-16 November 2019.

Alexander Yordan Mulia (Brand Image Director), Cynthia Johan (Market Communication Director), Kelvin Irvandy (External Relations Director), and La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa (Managing Director) formed a team which is called Asterism team and represented President University in Division III, which is the Video Creation Division. In this division, participants are required to make a video on the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on education that can provide solutions for current issues, especially in the 4.0 era.

In the final stage, participants were asked to prepare a presentation as a form of accountability for the video. The Asterism Team from President University presented a video titled “Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities”. The video reviews the urgency of education accessibility for those with special needs and how the role of government, society, and stakeholders could improve the accessibility of education.

The video project highlighted the fourth goal of SDGs, which is to ensure inclusive and equal quality education and supports lifelong learning opportunities for all. Our focus is the fifth target of this goal, which is ensuring equal access to education for students with disabilities, taking into account most people only focus on children who do not have access to education due to financial factor but often overlook those who do not have access because they have special needs. In the other hand, the inclusion of students with disabilities to education is vital to prepare them in the world of work.

On the video, the YouthABLE leaders encourage the government to prioritize the policy for students with disabilities so that the vision of accessibility and inclusiveness of education can be achieved by the end of 2030 and urge all like-minded stakeholders to realize that education is an individual self-development process, not merely about teaching academic knowledge. (CJ/LO)

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