Action Beyond Limitation: Students-Led Initiative to Support Person with Disabilities

In supporting the rights of persons with disabilities, YouthABLE empowering students to initiate a social impacted program called “Action Beyond Limitation: Addressing Sustainable and Inclusive Equality for Persons with Disabilities”. This program was executed under the collaboration between International Relations of President University, Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), and Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI). According to Sultan Gilbaltar, the Project Manager of the Program who currently the Social Media Manager in YouthABLE, the program aimed to raise the awareness of people towards the rights of persons with disabilities as well as voicing out against the issues of discrimination towards persons with disabilities.

The program consists of two main agendas which are YouthLEADER Goes to School and Talk Show. In YouthLEADER Goes to School, the students held a socialization workshop with the theme “Menuju Generasi Muda Indonesia Ramah Disabilitas” at President Junior High School which was held on April 1, 2019 In this project, the speakers came from the representatives of HRWG and HWDI. The socialization aimed to spread the awareness of high school students towards the persons with disabilities and attended by 120 high school students.

Meanwhile, the Talk Show Project with the theme “The Accessibility of Education for Persons with Disabilities in Jakarta” was held in National Library of Republic Indonesia on April 9, 2019. The panelists in Talk Show coming from people with different background including the Government of Jakarta Province, UNICEF, HRWG, and HWDI as well as a Musician. This project aimed to facilitate a discourse among like-minded stakeholders in the issues of persons with disabilities. Furthermore, the project was attended by more than 110 participants (LO).

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