What is YouthACTS

YouthACTS are projects developed by youthLEADER, divided into several sectors,  which are:


(i) Human Rights and Gender

  • ​Protect All Children (PAC)

  • Action Beyond Limitation (ABL)


(ii) Environmental and Sustainability

  • Youthentity


Socialisation has both offline and online media. In offline media, we promote the projects of ABL by arranging campaigns to junior and senior high school students, university students, governments, corporations and public. It could be in the form of performances, talk shows, or seminars. In online media, we will have the Instagram campaign, twitter, FB and YouTube.


ABL was built to support the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development which pledged “Leave No One Behind”. It emphasises the importance of having the same treatment for everyone so that no one is left behind, including persons of disabilities.